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Outstanding Matched Pair of Ornate Italian or Brescian Miquelet Pistols -A) Elaborate Miquelet Pisto

A) Matched pair of late 17th century Miquelet pistols with ornate relief decorations on the barrels, locks and furniture. These pistols appear to be Italian made and have part round/part fluted barrels with raised sighting planes. The breeches and tangs are decorated with relief floral designs. The Miquelet locks have elaborate, dragon head cocks with elongated spurs. The sides of the pans and backs of the frizzens are decorated with relief cast, grotesque, animal shapes. The pistols have pin-fastened relief carved highly figured Italian walnut stocks. The stocks are fitted with pierced side plates. The ramrod pipes and trigger guards are decorated with relief cast floral designs. The pistols have flared butts with strapped iron pommels. The pommels have small grotesque faces on the bottoms. The wooden ramrods have flared tips. All of the iron components are finished bright. The numbers 836 and 837 are stamped on the upper left side of the stock of each pistol. Quite possibly these are either collection or museum inventory numbers. 
BBL: 11 1/4 inch 
Stock: walnut 
Gauge: 54 bore 
Finish: bright 
Serial Number: NSN
Condition: Fine. The bright finished barrels, locks and furniture have been cleaned many years ago and have since aged. Metal surfaces are smooth with slight traces of pitting. Flash pitting on the barrels and locks is minimal. The highly figured walnut stocks remain in good condition. The relief-carved borders on the lockplates and barrel tangs have distinct edges. Pistol has a repaired crack that runs thru the grip just behind the barrel tang and a repaired chip on the back of the grip at the junction with the pommel. Repair is old and professionally done. There are a few worm holes present in the grip between the butt and the barrel tang. This a rare pair of ornate Miquelet pistols in very good condition. 

B) Elaborate Miquelet Pistol
Described in A. 
Gauge: 55 
Serial Number: NSN
Condition: Fine as A. Pistol has a repaired crack in front of the lock that runs completely through the stock. Repair is old and professionally done. 

I’m looking at my dream guns. These are simply exquisite omg

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