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Hammer my bones on the anvil of daylight
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June 2006, the “185° Rgt. Ricognizione ed Acquisizione Obiettivi” (Target Acquisition Regiment) airborne “FOLGORE” (185° RAO) commissioned to EXTREMA RATIO the developing of a special knife based on specifications concerning their special duties.
The 185° RAO, is the only unit in the Italian Armed Forces in charge of long range recons and to acquire several kind of targets to be engaged with artillery, helicopters, aircraft and battleships suppression fire, across all the possible theatres during armed force, interforce and multinational force operations. A very delicate and dangerous duty, operated by detachments capable to penetrate, operate and survive in hostile surroundings thanks to a two years very hard training.
The motto of this special operation regiment is: “VIDERE NEC VIDERI”, from Latin: “SEE WITHOUT BE SEEN”.
The result is the knife called RAO, a survival knife, not a big folder but a compact field knife with a strong and heavy blade and a very safe locking system, assisted by an extra safe device that turn the folder in a real fix blade knife. The blade opening and closing are acting with both the hands together to minimize the risk of self injuries.
The blade, because of it’s weight, it’s a real guillotine. The extra safe device is a steel pin to be hand screwed through two holes placed by the guard zone of the massive anticorodal aluminum alloy handle. This device is necessary because of the violence of the chopping performances expressed this uncommon folder. 
The presence of this concrete pin between the blade and the user hands is a great psychological assistance to chop strongly and quickly. 
The sheath is an essential part of the system.It contain a diamond sharpener and allows the user to carry the knife in open condition, held by a two clip provided lace or in close condition inside the front pocket. The sheath can be hanged to the last generating combat jacket or standard belts thanks to M.O.L.L.E. system.

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