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The Mauser SR-93 Sniper Rifle. One of the coolest guns of all time.

Mauser developed the SR-93 for the German army G22 trails, which were eventually won by the AWM-F. The SR93 is based on the earlier Mauser SR-86, but features some significant changes. The SR-93 is produced in larger calibers and has a very different furniture than previous Mauser designs. The SR-93 was sold to several German and Dutch police forces and some were sold on the civilian market. When Rheinmetall took over Mauser the production of the SR-93 was stopped. It is believed that only 120 rifles were produced. 

The SR-93 uses the same action as the SR-86, but the mechanism has been lengthened to accept the .338 as well. The SR-93 is a bolt action rifle with two frontal locking lugs. The standard calibers are .300 Winchester Magnum or .338 Lapua Magnum. Conversion kits for 7.62x51mm were also available and were mainly meant for training. The aluminum and rubber furniture of the rifle is of unique design. The stock features a pistol grip but has the looks of a thumbhole stock and helps against snagging. The buttplate and cheekpiece are fully adjustable. Forearm features an integral adjustable folding bipod and the stock has an integral monopod. The SR-93 is easy to set up for a left handed shooter by replacing the bolt and inserting it after rotating 180 degrees. Various optics can be fitted but no iron sights are provided. 

The SR-93 is a high quality high powered sniper rifle. Although designed for the German army G22 trails the SR-93 looks more accustomed to the police tactical sniper role, while it has a long forearm to rest the rifle, no iron sights and a rear monopod. The SR-97 follows the same design but is somewhat more conventional with its standard bipod and back up iron sights. Actual performance figures are not available, but the SR-93 known to be an accurate weapon. This claim is backed by the Mauser track record combined with the long free floating barrel on the SR-93. The proven Mauser bolt action system also makes it a very reliable weapon. All controls are ambidextrous allowing it to be used by left handed shooters. Overall the Mauser rifles are high quality weapons that through the merger and reorganization of Mauser did not reach a significant number of sales.

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